The History of Origami in a Nutshell by Luke Preza


OrigamiOrigami: a Japanese art where you fold paper to make something out of it, like animals, objects, and other unique things. You may be wondering what it was used for; it was used for weddings, rituals, and most importantly, fun and creativity. Origami can be created in many different ways, just by simple knowledge, instructions, or with or without scissors. This story maybe a good thing for you to read if you love origami.

I just woke up and I look around me. Dust everywhere, it’s blocking my vision. Then something emerges from the cloud. A middle-aged man with a small mustache and eyes said, “Nin hao, I’m Cai Lun, I’m your father.” I couldn’t stand up because I have no legs, and could not speak because I have no mouth. He picked me up and said in an encouraging voice, “Find your destiny.” As he dropped me out of a window, and caught by the ever-blowing wind, as it drove me high into the clouds.

I flew a cross of the mainland, taking it all in as I approached a beautiful, crystal-blue sea, thinking about what my father had said before he dropped me into the gust of wind. “Find your destiny,” what could have that meant? The gust had stopped, and I was falling towards a small country people referred to as “Japan”. It was pretty much the same around here, cherry blossoms everywhere I looked, and lanterns with writing on them. This place was more or less the same.

Then gravity started to pull me down. This was frightening because I have never experienced solid ground before. I’ve been riding a wind current for over 1500 years and have never hit the ground before. It was the sixth century and things have never been so tense. When suddenly, a hand grabbed me. It was warm, soft, and quite fragile as well. It started to mend me into something; I could feel myself become something different.

I was brought over to a pool as the little hand said, “You can fly now.” It was right, with a long, thin bill and large wings, I had become a crane, with a flutter of a wing, I looked back and said the first two words to ever come out of my mouth, “thank you,” as I flew off into the sunset, to find, what have already found, my destiny.
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  1. What a deep yet sweet piece! So proud.

  2. I have read and reread this captivating piece and enjoy it every time. Congratulations, Luke, on a great story.

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