Already There


A new home.  Not something I had dreamed of, not something I ever felt was in the cards, not even something that stirred my soul a bit.  But here it is, coming upon me like a bulldozer – or a backhoe.   I have my daughter-in-law, Jessie, to thank.  She has always wanted a family compound.  She has talked about it over the 14 years of their marriage and they recently moved in to a beautiful home in the San Jose area with enough of a side yard to consider the possibilities.  We started drawing, planning, thinking and finally turned it over to a residential designer who came up with a final design (after much work and rework).

So we finally have the final design of our Spanish-style casita after almost a year of running into and moving through the issues that came up every step of the way, including zoning and permitting, hiring a contractor and getting it going.

I have been too wary to really get excited – until now.  So, over the last weeks, we have had workers clearing the lot, cutting down trees (not a good thing, but necessary), adding dirt (a lot of dirt), leveling the area and starting the foundation.  I have been living in this plan for almost a year now so it’s almost like l am already there.  So, I am totally ready – and excited.

What about my old house on Robert Scott Dr?  I put it on the market thinking it would be a while before I sold it.  I hadn’t even buried St. Joseph or put up the sign.  It sold within one day.  On one hand, that is extremely fortunate.  On the other, that presents a problem of where to stay.  Well, my wonderful family had offered me their studio that is ample for me and what little stuff I would need in the interim.  I packed my house, stored everything in PODS and moved in.  It all happened so quickly, my head is still whirling.

Now it’s planning the interior and landscaping (and tweaks to the original plan) – and keeping track of the comings and goings of the subcontractors, which is not really my job but what else do I have to do?  It is definitely a learning experience.

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